Denmark's most successful travel agency making an impact on the Chinese market. ChinaSoft was there from the beginning, from setup and translation to online on social media marketing in China.


Albatros Travel came to ChinaSoft with the desire to convert their existing Drupal website into Chinese. The goal was to get Chinese tourists to Scandinavia, the North Pole, Europe, and Africa. In addition Albatros Travel wanted help with online marketing in terms of CPC advertising on Baidu, social media marketing on Weibo, and brochures about their products.


ChinaSoft suggested a feasibility phase where we reviewed Albatros's existing website in order to find the best way we could convert the site into Chinese. One of the challenges was to get the Chinese characters to look great on the site, since Chinese was not thought of as a part of the site from the beginning.


User-friendly website in Chinese with easy navigation and integration with Chinese social media. The website promotes Scandinavia to Chinese tourist, and has quickly become a success. Cooperation between ChinaSoft and Albatros continues. Now the goal is to get as many relevant visitors from China into their new website to purchase travel out of China.


Albatros website was planned and developed from scratch by ChinaSoft. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 2 month.

Drupal CMS
Project Management
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang